About Me

Hi, I'm shymonk, a software developer works with python. I talk about technology and share software experience in Chinese and English on this site, all of writings and thoughts are my own.

Recommend Source


  • zsh with oh-my-zsh framework for terminal. I was using bash until be told that there's a powerful replacement exists.
  • autojump - a faster way to navigate your filesystem.
  • Dash for browsing document locally, and interact with emacs perfectly by dash.el.
  • XtraFinder - a Finder enhancement to add Tabs as Chrome and other feathers.

Emacs Packages

  • ag - "the silver searcher" ack replacment to search symbol in emacs.
  • neotree - a file tree to explore project source.
  • fiplr - open file in project without delay.
  • visual-regexp - a regexp/replace command for Emacs with interactive visual feedback.
  • jedi - Python auto-completion.